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Audit Nation: The Growing Impact of Claims Auditing on Healthcare

May 17, 2021 Ronald Hirsch, MD | Knicole Emanuel, Esq. | David Glaser Esq. | Ellen Fink Samnick | John K. Hall, MD, JD | Frank Cohen | Mary Inman, Esq. | John Foggle, MD | John Zelem, MD Episode 455
Monitor Mondays
Audit Nation: The Growing Impact of Claims Auditing on Healthcare
Show Notes

“Incoming!” are the typical dreaded shouts heard from soliders hunkered down in bunkers when shelling begins.

Today, across America, you can hear the same cries when it comes to claims auditing. Audits are incoming. Third-party auditors, governmental auditors, even auditors from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) looking at COVID-related claims are incoming – and the onslaught is occurring in rural hospitals as well as big city health systems and teaching facilities alike.

Does this portend a future of escalating audits? During the next live edition of Monitor Mondays, an all-star lineup of audit and regulatory experts will come together in a 60-minute edition of the venerable weekly broadcast.

The live broadcast includes the following:

  • Monday Rounds: Ronald Hirsch, MD, vice president of R1 RCM, will make his Monday Rounds with another installment of his popular segment.

  • RAC Report: Healthcare attorney Knicole Emanuel, a partner at the law firm of Practus, will file the Monitor Mondays RAC Report.

  • Risky Business: Healthcare attorney David Glaser, a shareholder in the law offices of Fredrikson & Bryon, will join the broadcast with his trademark segment, reporting on legal implications facing healthcare providers.

  • Social Determinants of Health: Ellen Fink-Samnick, a nationally recognized expert on the social determinants of health (SDoH), will report on the latest news that’s occurring at the intersection of healthcare and socioeconomics. Ellen will also conduct the Monitor Mondays Listeners Survey.

  • The Court Report: Famed whistleblower Mary Inman, a partner in the London office of Constantine Cannon, will report on three notable whistleblower suits, all involving well-known healthcare brands.

  • The Analysis: E&M 2021 Guidelines: Senior healthcare analyst Frank Cohen, director of business intelligence for DoctorsManagement, will report on his latest analysis of evaluation and management (E&M) 2021 guidelines for office visits; noteworthy will be his analysis of medical necessity audits.

  • Utilization Management versus Utilization Review: Dr. John Zelem, founder of Streamline Consulting Services, will return to the broadcast to explain why utilization management and utilization review are not to be used interchangeably, yet they are, with increased frequency.

  • Jab City, USA: Dr. John Foggle, Adjunct Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and an authority on the coronavirus will return to the broadcast to report on vaccine rates in the U.S. – as most experts warn that herd immunity is not likely to be achieved in the near future.

  • Law and Order: Monitor Mondays’ own physician and attorney, Dr. John K. Hall, will report on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the American College of Emergency Medicine versus Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia. Understanding and applying the court's decision will help you and your team when faced with denials for services provided in your emergency department.