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The Continuing Saga of Condition Code 44

May 23, 2022 Ronald Hirsch, MD | Knicole Emanuel, Esq. | David Glaser, Esq | Tiffany Ferguson | Cate Brantley | John Zelem, MD | John K. Hall, MD Season 12 Episode 502
Monitor Mondays
The Continuing Saga of Condition Code 44
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The 2 MN Rule has been with us for several years but there still is confusion about what qualifies as inpatient.

Condition Code 44 has been the corrective approach to inpatient status errors despite CMS’ warning that Condition Code 44 should not be used as a substitution for inadequate utilization management processes. Condition Code 44 can serve as a reflection that the utilization process is being monitored and claims are billed compliantly. Dr. John Zelem will review the crucial four requirements for Condition Code 44 compliance.

Other segments will include the following:

  • The RAC Report: Healthcare attorney Knicole Emanuel, partner at the law firm of Practus, will report the latest news about auditors, including the Recovery Auditors (RAs).

  • SDoH Report: Tiffany Ferguson, a subject matter expert on the social determinants of health (SDoH), will report on the news that’s happening at the intersection of healthcare regulations and the SDoH.

  • Risky Business: Healthcare attorney David Glaser, shareholder in the law offices of Fredrikson & Bryon, will join the broadcast with his trademark segment.

  • Monday Rounds: Ronald Hirsch, MD, vice president of R1 RCM, will be making his Monday Rounds with another installment of his popular segment.

  • Legislative Update Cate Brantley, legislative analysis for Zelis, will be substituting for Matthew Albright. Brantley will report on current healthcare legislation.
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